Klusterflock: Tinder for Parties

Klusterflock: Tinder for Parties

Meetup meets Tinder meets AdultFriendFinder

Animated Ghost / Gif Photobooth

Animated Ghost / Gif Photobooth

Animated gif photobooth experiential for Leo: A Ghost Story launch

tMingle Projection Mapping

tMingle Projection Mapping

Analog typewriter interface x projection mapping

Cat Power!

Hey Nicole, I changed the marker and I’m happy to show you how I did this. All it took was adding 1 line of code and copy/pasting a url to […]

Joanna Nuisance

My friends made me listen to Joanna Newsom for the first time. I made this as revenge. Download the ringtone here. Use it as an alarm, or bear repellent or play it […]

Indy Writes Erotica

A few months ago, Indy Reads had a open call for ideas that used literature to create innovative civic arts and humanities experiences. I had an idea that I never got […]

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