Touch & Blow (Song/4Hour Project)

“Feeling”: A Song About Dark Desire

Image from Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless illustrating my new song

To him, a touch is a blow.

That simple awkward sentence on a friend’s fridge set this story in motion. It is at the very least, a story about not getting what one wants. It’s about being with someone and trying to reach into that intimate place where they can feel you, rather than just touch you.



She says:
A touch is like a blow
when it comes from you.
Though I don’t deserve it,
I know.
You left your clothes
on the dining room floor.
Though I don’t deserve you,
I know.
But you won’t stop
with your teeth and your hands
and your mouth,
’til you own each inch
of my tight, white skin.
And the room starts reeling
and I’m laughing and crying
because you’ve worked
all my feeling loose.
Verse 2:
She says:
Your beauty comes alive
in the afterglow,
though you’ll never have me,
I know
I once was yours in the ebb and flow
filled with feeling
head to toe.
And when you stir
in the sunlight and show me
the sorrow that’s hiding
in plain sight
beside your soul,
I will pluck it out
like a flower
and work all your feeling loose.


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