4 Hour Project: A Song Inspired By Twilight

Inspiration, Vampires, & A New Song

Album Cover for Mayowa Tomori's latest 4Hour Project, "We're All Going To Die Soon"

I wrote this song after being inspired by Twilight, of all things…

It’s called “We’re All going To Die Soon,” but don’t be fooled by the gloomy title, it’s a really uplifting song.

Download it here.

Learn about the lyrics and my creative/story-telling process after the jump.

The lyric that started this song came into my brain as I was biking home from the theater after watching Twilight: New Dawn. How could anyone be inspired by something so banal and uninspiring?

Well, if you look past its teeny-bopper fodder and flawless hunks,  Twilight’s full of weird and interesting insights about inter-species breeding, reproductive rights and the fleeting nature of life and beauty. Or maybe, I’m reading into it too much into it.

In one scene, Bella drinks blood from a sippy-cup to attempt to feed the destructive appetite of the half-human, half-demon atrocity that’s taken root in her uterus.

That startling image of youth, beauty and blood started beating around my brain until “To be filled with spit and grit…” came out of my mouth. In the rest of the song, I develop and explore that idea, juxtaposing flesh, life and love in interesting ways. Then I throw in a little twist at the end.

It doesn’t matter what I’m writing,  the process is usually the same. Creativity and great storytelling comes from the ability to weave images and ideas from unexpected thoughts together and to imprint your imagination into them to create something unexpected. It’s like stealing mixed with reinvention and sustained by the spirit of improvement..

One of the ways I develop my creativity is by tirelessly seeking out unexpected images. You’re just as likely to find me watching Twilight, as you are listening to Tchaikovsky brought to life by the ISO.

Inspiration is everywhere my friends, if you are willing to go far enough in seeking it.

So, to borrow a line from the most interesting man in the world, “stay thirsty, my friend…sometimes, even for blood.”

To be filled with spit and grit and love or lust and youthful arrogance 
And drunk on life and joy and strong with love and blood and collagen 
Boy, relish your regrets and take your time to live
in spite of it with spit and grit and lust or love
and all your youthful arrogance.
Because in every roughed up place you go and
every roughed up face you see
the beauty of this finity, the hope in this futility (called life) 
And if that don’t cheer you up my friend,
you don’t deserve these breaths you breathe.
So, look alive, son, Because we’re all going to die soon. 

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