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Audacity, hard work and big ideas

Ken Honeywell is a Creative Director at Well Done Marketing in Fountain Square. He has over 30 years of experience as a copywriter and creative director and is one of the chaps behind Tonic Ball, an annual fundraising music festival. When he’s not creating great work , you can find him running, a web magazine, and working on his next novel.

Here’s what I learned from Ken Honeywell about advertising, building a great team and creating a better world:

1. I can teach you grammar but I can’t teach you great ideas (about hiring good talent). Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Music Online

“Here, I made you a mixtape…it’s what everyone will be listening to next year. You’re welcome!”

I used to be a music nerd in high school. Continue Reading →

Dumbo, Disney and some East Side LOVE!

What do Robert Indiana’s Love, Dumbo and 101 Dalmatians have in common?

Arsenal Tech, a 100 year-old high school on the east Side of Indianapolis that has educated the likes of Robert Indiana, Bill Peet (Disney animator/director) and other important artists. The Harrison Center for the Arts is celebrating that legacy by showing 100 years of Arsenal Tech alumni, teacher and student work.

Watch the video below.


Naibi’s Story

Here’s my latest video. It’s an interview that I shot during the week that I spent in Orlando, learning networking and being inspired by top public relations professionals and other students.

I wrote about my favorite thing about conference Continue Reading →