Let's Get Crafty: My First Solo Sewing Project!

4HourProject: iPad Sleeve!

My latest 4HourProject isn’t like anything I’ve ever done before. In the sense that it’s actually useful. I made an iPad sleeve on Sunday using a pattern by a local company called Pattern Patti.

While the cutting, sewing and finishing only took 4 hours, I spend probably another two hours wonderingwhat the heck was wrong with my machine, or fabric, or needles or “why, oh, god why I was cursed with fat, clumsy fingers and an inability to sew a straight line to save my life!”

I’m the “Chad Kroeger of Sewing

The truth is, I may actually be the worst sewer(ist?) in the world. And that’s no exaggeration. It took me roughly five months to finish Crimson Tate‘s Sewing 101…a four hour class. And after attempting my first project, a pillow case, I spent the next week and half in remedial sewing, heading down to the sewing shop during my lunch time to bug my teacher, the awesome, infinitely patient Heather Givens, for help.

This is how my lunchtime lessons would go. I’d show up with something that looked like a modern art approximation of a bird’s nest and Heather would say, with all the enthusiasm she could muster, “oh…that’s….different…I’ve never seen a straight stitch with a right-angle in it before…”

In case you forget what a pillow case looks like, it’s pretty much a rectangle (the same shape as a pillow). Making a pillowcase isn’t rocket science. In fact given some fabric and a needle and thread, most people could figure out how to make one in less time than it took me to make one with a machine.

Sew Proud!

Photo courtesy of Crimson Tate

However, I stuck with it and finished my pillow case. I remember feeling pretty proud of myself. And while I’ve never been a father, I’m sure the feeling of holding your baby in your arms for the first time pales in comparison to falling asleep on a pillowcase you created with your own hands.

I’m the proud pep-pep of a pillow case.

Happy Father’s Day.


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  1. Rumi says:

    Enjoyed reading this post.
    I want to take a sewing class with you!
    Holler (o^___^o)
    Let’s make lot’s of kawaii stuff.

  2. Kola says:

    you had me rolling with laughter at “remedial sewing”.

    i have a fun little project coming up as well (sewing an ankara pocket unto a light flowy spring dress). i got the idea after burning off a good chunk of the dress before ever getting the chance to wear it.

    regardless of how the cover-up…i mean, pocket turns out, i’m grateful that i can always come back here and get a kick out of your pillow case story. Lol. all the best

  3. oyewale says:

    great escapade over a simple pillow…you may find it easier building a space rocket….fun to read…

    i take pleasure in simple things like taking a walk in the rain and “pee-ing” freely. the blend of cold rain water and body temp “kidney” rain is heavenly and the best part is no one can tell you are having such glorious fun

  4. oyewale says:

    and the iPad sleeve is beautiful.. go commercial with it

  5. pekun says:

    Just stumbling on this post after four years!! Like the sewing project- start with needles and threads and something they call ‘thimbles’. Reminds me of early sewerist ? cadets ; when they get to introduce themselves at parties in those days- they go like: ‘ I am a sewing under Ayeso petes’ – (some education for you here)- Ayeso is a ‘happening’ street in Ilesa and Petes means a story building – rare to own in those days.
    Regarding the illustrations/ animations you did on a book, wish you can work on some old Yoruba classical a. – ‘ Ogboju Ode ninu Igbo Irunmale’ or ‘ Ireke Onibudo’ etc.

    Best wishes

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