The Man Behind The World's Best Sushi Roll

What I Learned: Jiro Ono, Sushi Chef

Jjiro Dreams of Sushi is an intriguing film about Jiro Ono, an acclaimed sushi chef that has spent his life fanatically improving his sushi skills. And even though he’s 85 and has been hailed as the world’s greatest sushi chef, he’s still working on becoming even better

I was really inspired after watching it. Ono’s dedication to work and self-improvement is really amazing, as is his attention to detail.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about a few great lessons that I picked up from Jiro, lessons that will help young creatives, entrepreneurs and doers be even more amazing.

Fall in love with your work and give it your soul

Jiro is a genius at sushi, no doubt. But he’s also incredibly diligent and detailed in his work. There’s a scene where he serves a table of people that demonstrates his attentiveness to his customers and craft perfectly. He notices that one of the diners is a southpaw, so Jiro makes him a special left-handed sushi roll.

What y’all know about ergonomically-friendly sushi rolls?!!

Now you see why Jiro is a wizard. Can you imagine how your professional career would skyrocket if you had that kind of attentiveness to detail and pride in your work?

Collaboration is the real secret sauce

The secret behind the world’s greatest sushi? Collaboration.

Or more accurately, the collaboration between the tuna expert, the rice expert, the shrimp expert, jiro’s apprentices and even eventually Jiro. Every sushi roll is a perfect example of collaboration and harmonious union between experts in a lot of different fields.

Collaboration is an essential important part of the creative process. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on an app, a movie or a sushi roll, you can’t do it alone (if you want to do it right).

Life isn’t all about sushi

Jiro doesn’t have any visible regrets, so obsessed is he with his goal of creating the most perfect sushi attainable. But when he talks about his lack of a relationship with his sons growing up (and his difficult relationship with his father), I can’t help but wonder if a part of him doesn’t wish that he could have been more of a present father figure.

I want to change the world in some significant way. But I also want to take vacations and smell the roses before I’m pushing up daisies. But does the single-minded focus it takes to seek perfection contrary to the attainment of balance in our lives?

Can you give something all of your soul and still live a happy, balanced life?

Watch the trailer and tell me what you think below:

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  1. Kola says:

    great post, Mayowa

    you ask a very big question that is of great personal significance to me. my (limited) observation of the world is that it is not possible to devote oneself to perfection while maintaining any sort of balance. the pursuit of excellence and perfection by definition require an incredible level of devotion.

    it seems to me, that the only way to truly have the proverbial “all” is to know what’s important and to pursue those important things at the right times and to the full extent possible


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