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What I Learned: Jiro Ono, Sushi Chef

Jjiro Dreams of Sushi is an intriguing film about Jiro Ono, an acclaimed sushi chef that has spent his life fanatically improving his Continue Reading →

My summer of music, technology and theatre

I’ve neglected my blog over the last few months. But that’s not to say I haven’t done or made anything cool. I’ve been a very busy bee. Continue Reading →

What I Learned: Catching Up with CODO

CODO is a identity firm in indianapolis built by Isaac Arthur and Cody Fague, two talented, affable chaps who are passionate about design, beer and creating unique identities (not necessarily in that order). They are the brains and heart behind some of my (and likely your) favorite identities in Indy, The Libertine, Tomlinson Tap Room and Pogue’s Run.

I sat down with them (an embarrassingly long time ago) to learn more about what they do and what exactly “hands-on branding” entails.

Here’s what I learned from CODO:

1. The client knows best. Carry them along Continue Reading →

The Sound of The Hunger Games

Watch this great, short piece about the sound of “The Hunger Games.”

How I Watch Movies:

I’ve always been the guy that stays behind and watches the credits at the movies. I’m usually looking for two things, Continue Reading →

Audacity, hard work and big ideas

Ken Honeywell is a Creative Director at Well Done Marketing in Fountain Square. He has over 30 years of experience as a copywriter and creative director and is one of the chaps behind Tonic Ball, an annual fundraising music festival. When he’s not creating great work , you can find him running, a web magazine, and working on his next novel.

Here’s what I learned from Ken Honeywell about advertising, building a great team and creating a better world:

1. I can teach you grammar but I can’t teach you great ideas (about hiring good talent). Continue Reading →

Naibi’s Story

Here’s my latest video. It’s an interview that I shot during the week that I spent in Orlando, learning networking and being inspired by top public relations professionals and other students.

I wrote about my favorite thing about conference Continue Reading →

Graduation & Consternation


My final finals week is looming, and the registrar’s office already contacted me to ask if my name is spelled correctly in their records.

I imagine the look of consternation across their faces, when they realize one of them has to say, speak or spell:

Congratulations, Oluwamayowa Ayowale Tomori, on receiving your Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from the School of Journalism  at Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis.

One of  two things is going to happen Continue Reading →