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On Stockhausen & AI

Stockhausen, the original crate digger/sampler/art school oddityu

I was listening to Kreuzpiel and Zyklus as I was reading the article.  So that I could experience Stockhausen all the more as I explored his work.

I really enjoyed his discussion about sampling, and tales of visiting the musee de L’homme to sample different ethnological instruments. It was likely revolutionary in his day but for us,a generation raised on MPcs and Emcees, and hip hop and electronic music, his brand of sampling is rather old hat.

Even though Stockhausen has this real art school purity and approach to rhythm and tonality, dismissing repetition and “chords that sound nice” as hackneyed or boring, he and many of the artists he mentions, sych as Senfi and Webern, all share the same crare digging sensibilities as the kind of musicians Stockhausen doesn’t particularly care for.

I call him the original crate digger because in many ways, he’s the proto-snob, the original hipster DJ, thumbing his nose up at the familiar “or western,” forever in search of the new and authentic, and much more driven by the idea of exploration than of creating or enjoying anything simply for it’s aesthetic value.

Zyklus is pretty cool though.

How to Convert .Caf Sample Files to .Aiff 100% Free

I wrote an automator app to convert .caf apple loops in Garageband to aif so that I can use them in Ableton etc. It’s the only truly 100% free solution I know out there.

Download it here for free (at your own risk) or below.

100% Free Download

Thanks to Kinetic and Alvin Alexander for letting me steal their code.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Composer | Music Technology

What does a composer look like?




Emily Howell

My summer of music, technology and theatre

I’ve neglected my blog over the last few months. But that’s not to say I haven’t done or made anything cool. I’ve been a very busy bee. Continue Reading →

Tupperware Beat v. 1.0

I’m stoked that I’ve got this working! Excuse the extremely sloppy tupper-drumming!

Make An Electronic Drumkit for GarageBand

The Goal:

An electronic drumkit that will allow me to play virtual drums in software like Ableton, GarageBand, Fl Studo, by wailing on real things.


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Slothpop calls it quits!

I heard a rumor that Slothpop was calling it quits last week. I was crushed. To make things worse, it was just after I had spent an evening enjoying Slothpop’s lead singer/writer Ko performing with the Indianapolis Symphony.

It’s a real shame. Slothpop was easily one of Indy’s most accesible and amazing bands.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow Though

Know No Stranger (and a handful of my favorite local videographers/photographers) put together a video from their last show – an epic end to the Slothpop era. It’s a video of my favorite song, “One,” a bouncy major key celebration of love (or something) with a bouncing bassline and driving disco beat, splashes of violin and many, many glorious harmonies.


What do you think?

The Evolution of Music Online

“Here, I made you a mixtape…it’s what everyone will be listening to next year. You’re welcome!”

I used to be a music nerd in high school. Continue Reading →

Catvertising & Cat Copy



Cats are playing an increasingly important role in creative strategy. So I wanted to show that I am as comfortable writing cat copy, as I am human copy.

I wrote a cat-themed Christmas song last year to share with a few close friends. The lyrics for “Christmas Cat (Mewtide Melody)” were inspired by my friend Rumi’s cats, Midwestern winters and the simple joy of spending an afternoon in the embrace of the one you love, whether cat or human.

Stream the track below or download it. Then when you’re done, indulge your sense of fun.

Thanks for listening!

“Christmas Cat (Mewtide Melody)” – Written and performed by Mayowa Tomori


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“Feeling”: A Song About Dark Desire

Image from Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless illustrating my new song

To him, a touch is a blow.

That simple awkward sentence on a friend’s fridge set this story in motion. It is at the very least, a story about not getting what one wants. It’s about being with someone and trying to reach into that intimate place where they can feel you, rather than just touch you.



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