4HourProject: New, Original Song called

4Hour Project: Blow (Feeling Song)

I wrote a new song tonight, one of my best lyrically. And I feel like I’m starting to say that everytime I write a new song.

I’ll re-record the vocals tomorrow but in the meantime, here’s a snippet:

Blow (Snippet)



She says:

A touch is like a blow

when it comes from you.

Though I don’t deserve it,

I know.

You left your clothes

on the dining room floor.

Though I don’t deserve you,

I know.



But you won’t stop

with your teeth and your hands

and your mouth,

’til you own each inch

of my tight, white skin.

And the room starts reeling

and I’m laughing and crying

because you’ve worked

all my feeling loose.


Verse 2:

She says:

Your beauty comes alive

in the afterglow,

though you’ll never have me,

I know

I once was yours in the ebb and flow

filled with feeling

head to toe.



And when you stir

in the sunlight and show me

the sorrow that’s hiding

in plain sight

beside your soul,

I will pluck it out

like a flower

and work all your feeling loose.


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