Do Ad Schools turn out the best talent?

Advertising Schools. Worth it?


Check out this great video from Creativity Online about ad schools. John Boiler talks about 72U, the advertising program that I was accepted into earlier this summer. There’s lots of great insights in this short video, especially the shortcomings of agencies in adequately utilizing multi-talented people.

I’m biased in this subject. I don’t think people who studied advertising/went to ad schools should be doing advertising.I think ad school tends to silo people and their abilities. People become copywriters and only copywriters, strategists and only strategists etc. The advertising process loses the mult-disciplinary approach needed to really pull off awesome shit.

I consider myself an engineer/copywriter/filmmaker/musician/designer. Even if I’m not proficient at everything, my skill set informs my work in unique ways.

If I had the resources to open an agency today, I wouldn’t hire a single ad person.

Check out who I would hire here.

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