Long Live The Tastemakers

The Evolution of Music Online

“Here, I made you a mixtape…it’s what everyone will be listening to next year. You’re welcome!”

I used to be a music nerd in high school. I spent a good part of my adolescence searching for the newest, weirdest, “…you probably haven’t heard of these guys-iest” bands. I was constantly curating and categorizing my tastes and creating mixtapes filled with new, exciting music.

Then I stopped listening to music. 

Discovering new music become more and more like a chore because there was simply just too much good music out there. That’s why I’m thankful for the likes of HypeM, Pitchfork and Vimeo for helping curate the internet and helping process all that information.

The video above is about the people (A/V, music and other nerds) who make online life that much more manageable.

Long live the tastemakers!

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