An Interview from PRSSA Nat'l Conference in Orlando

Naibi’s Story

Here’s my latest video. It’s an interview that I shot during the week that I spent in Orlando, learning networking and being inspired by top public relations professionals and other students.

I wrote about my favorite thing about conferenceover at the IUPUI PRSSA blog a few months ago. Go read it, now!

Naibi was a great performer, energetic, articulate and a dream to edit. I feel like interview videos are becoming a staple for me and I’m getting better at doing them solo. However, I need to improve my ability to react to the interviewee in more dynamic ways.

I just finished up an interview yesterday with Joanna Taft from the Harrison Center. She’s also incredible to behold, she’s personable, charming and has a smile that won’t quit. I really admire her energy and charisma.

I’m a very level person, to the extent that I feel like I sound disinterested or unimpressed at times. That’s another thing I’m going to work on, cranking up my energy a notch, then ratcheting it up a couple more!

What do you think of the video?



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