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What I Learned: Paul Miller, Photographer

Paul Miller is a talented photographer in Indianapolis and a good friend. We first worked together in 2006, when he helped me shoot promo pics for an event marketing company I helped start. As I’ve started doing more production work, we’ve collaborated on different photo and video projects, including my first art show at SpaceCamp Micro Gallery in 2010.

Foolin’ Around with Flashes

Earlier this year, I spent some time brushing up on my portrait lighting skills with Paul. We covered everything from basic 2-point lighting, to more complex setups using modifiers, projectors and other techniques.

We experimented with using external flashes, projected backgrounds and ambient light to create different lighting effects and created cityscapes, serene vistas and abstract playgrounds

using a vintage film projector, slides from Paul’s collection and a bedsheet as a backdrop.

Here is a picture/animated .gif of one of our lighting set ups below. The reason we’re holding an iPad/iPods is that we used an app to wirelessly trigger the camera and flashes.

The reason there’s an explosion every time we jump is simply because we are awesome.

All photos by Mayowa Tomori & Paul Miller. “I Have An Idea” design by the pleasant peeps at People for Urban Progress.

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