Put A Kinect On It? (Y / Y)


Mayowa Tomori is a multimedia artist and technologist with a background in documentary filmmaking and brand storytelling.

He recently graduated with a masters in Music and Art Technology from Indiana University, where he specialized in human-computer interaction in the context of music performance / invented a pizza-based computer music controller. Mayowa works as a freelance creative technologist in the bay area, helping clients figure out reasons to put kinects on things.

He’s made cool things for: Deutsch LA, Salesforce, Chronicle Books and other cool clients.

Check out his resumeLinkedIn or more of his work for more information.


Say Hello.

It doesn’t matter if you came here looking to grab a free batch of cookies, accidentally stumbled across the site or came here wanting to see what Mayowa is all about.He’s glad you’re here! Feel free to check out his blog, portfolio and indulge your sense of fun.

Or if you’d like, you can contact Mayowa by email at hi@mayowatomori.com or phone at 404-213-2682. If you’re lazy, there’s a contact form here.

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