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Cookie Me, Mayowa Tomori!

Mayowa Tomori's giving out free cookies!

What is Cookie Me, Mayowa Tomori?

Through January 1st, 2012, I’ll be mailing a batch of my special made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies to anyone who sends me their address.

It’s part social experiment, part internet-altruism and part promotion.

Try it out now!

Cookie Me!

Catvertising & Cat Copy



Cats are playing an increasingly important role in creative strategy. So I wanted to show that I am as comfortable writing cat copy, as I am human copy.

I wrote a cat-themed Christmas song last year to share with a few close friends. The lyrics for “Christmas Cat (Mewtide Melody)” were inspired by my friend Rumi’s cats, Midwestern winters and the simple joy of spending an afternoon in the embrace of the one you love, whether cat or human.

Stream the track below or download it. Then when you’re done, indulge your sense of fun.

Thanks for listening!

“Christmas Cat (Mewtide Melody)” – Written and performed by Mayowa Tomori


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“Feeling”: A Song About Dark Desire

Image from Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless illustrating my new song

To him, a touch is a blow.

That simple awkward sentence on a friend’s fridge set this story in motion. It is at the very least, a story about not getting what one wants. It’s about being with someone and trying to reach into that intimate place where they can feel you, rather than just touch you.



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Graduation & Consternation


My final finals week is looming, and the registrar’s office already contacted me to ask if my name is spelled correctly in their records.

I imagine the look of consternation across their faces, when they realize one of them has to say, speak or spell:

Congratulations, Oluwamayowa Ayowale Tomori, on receiving your Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from the School of Journalism  at Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis.

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Advertising Schools. Worth it?


Check out this great video from Creativity Online about ad schools. John Boiler talks about 72U, the advertising program that I was accepted into earlier this summer. There’s lots of great insights in this short video, especially the shortcomings of agencies in adequately utilizing multi-talented people.

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Inspiration, Vampires, & A New Song

Album Cover for Mayowa Tomori's latest 4Hour Project, "We're All Going To Die Soon"

I wrote this song after being inspired by Twilight, of all things…

It’s called “We’re All going To Die Soon,” but don’t be fooled by the gloomy title, it’s a really uplifting song.

Download it here.

Learn about the lyrics and my creative/story-telling process after the jump.

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Startup Weekend: Serve Creatively

Networking at Startup Weekend Indy


I pitched two ideas last night at Startup Weekend that made the final sixteen. The first was an augmented reality sexting app called Pants Party.

The second is servecreatively, a platform that helps creatively minded non-profits complete meaningful projects by connecting them to service-minded creatives.

To summarize my experience in a few words, “I thought it would be easier.” But nothing worthwhile ever came easy, did it? It’s been a challenging, exhilarating time so far. I’ve been lucky enough to be working with a talented and awesome team.

You can follow our team’s progress here: @servecreatively

4Hour Project: Blow (Feeling Song)

I wrote a new song tonight, one of my best lyrically. And I feel like I’m starting to say that everytime I write a new song.

I’ll re-record the vocals tomorrow but in the meantime, here’s a snippet:

Blow (Snippet)

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The Sistine Chapel Began with A Sketch, much like


Even the Sistine Chapel began as a mental sketch in someone’s brain. Please bear with me as I get the content populated and get off the ground.

In the meantime, feel free too explore my work/me through my LinkedIn, Twitter or Vimeo.

See you soon!



4HourProject: Human (Lyrics)

4Hour Projects are short, weekend projects I undertake to keep my creative senses sharp.

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