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Toilet Humor from Down Under (Droga5)

“David Whittaker,” a great new video from Fiona  McGee  is one of the best stories I’ve seen in a while. It’s a short film/documentary about a an Australian body builder  and the incredible dedication that he (and his fiancee) share for the sport.

Watch it first, then let’s talk below. And watch out for the incredibly clever twist towards the end.

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What I Learned: Catching Up with CODO

CODO is a identity firm in indianapolis built by Isaac Arthur and Cody Fague, two talented, affable chaps who are passionate about design, beer and creating unique identities (not necessarily in that order). They are the brains and heart behind some of my (and likely your) favorite identities in Indy, The Libertine, Tomlinson Tap Room and Pogue’s Run.

I sat down with them (an embarrassingly long time ago) to learn more about what they do and what exactly “hands-on branding” entails.

Here’s what I learned from CODO:

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Audacity, hard work and big ideas

Ken Honeywell is a Creative Director at Well Done Marketing in Fountain Square. He has over 30 years of experience as a copywriter and creative director and is one of the chaps behind Tonic Ball, an annual fundraising music festival. When he’s not creating great work , you can find him running, a web magazine, and working on his next novel.

Here’s what I learned from Ken Honeywell about advertising, building a great team and creating a better world:

1. I can teach you grammar but I can’t teach you great ideas (about hiring good talent). Continue Reading →

Naibi’s Story

Here’s my latest video. It’s an interview that I shot during the week that I spent in Orlando, learning networking and being inspired by top public relations professionals and other students.

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M plus Iowa

My bio/about me is the last thing I’m writing in 2011.

The trick to writing a compelling bio on a website is being personable and professional at the same time. I wanted to use as a medium for showing my work ,as well as connecting with people in awesome and informal ways a la Cookie Me!

The bio will do for now but I’d ultimately like to scrap/rewrite the whole thing or do a 30s video instead.

But that will be a 2012 project.

Happy New Year!

Your friend,

“M” plus “Iowa”

Re:SOLUTIONS & Collaborations

I had a lot of fun working on my latest video project, a ninety second spot produced for a leadership development group I’m working with.  Continue Reading →

The Magic Bowl

To continue to promote Cookie Me! I storyboarded and shot this 30 second spot, titled “Magic Bowl!”

It should have been a 4HourProject but I started playing with animated type in AfterEffects and that sucked the majority of my four hours.

I look forward to learning more AfterEffects in the next two months.

250+ Cookies in a Weekend!


Working with a few friends, I baked about 275 cookies this weekend. One of my roommates is a professional baker and did a great job managing, helping and advising as we tackled this huge project.

You can request a free batch of cookies here.

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Catvertising & Cat Copy



Cats are playing an increasingly important role in creative strategy. So I wanted to show that I am as comfortable writing cat copy, as I am human copy.

I wrote a cat-themed Christmas song last year to share with a few close friends. The lyrics for “Christmas Cat (Mewtide Melody)” were inspired by my friend Rumi’s cats, Midwestern winters and the simple joy of spending an afternoon in the embrace of the one you love, whether cat or human.

Stream the track below or download it. Then when you’re done, indulge your sense of fun.

Thanks for listening!

“Christmas Cat (Mewtide Melody)” – Written and performed by Mayowa Tomori


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Advertising Schools. Worth it?


Check out this great video from Creativity Online about ad schools. John Boiler talks about 72U, the advertising program that I was accepted into earlier this summer. There’s lots of great insights in this short video, especially the shortcomings of agencies in adequately utilizing multi-talented people.

I’m biased in this subject. I don’t think people who studied advertising/went to ad schools should be doing advertising. Continue Reading →