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Inspiration, Vampires, & A New Song

Album Cover for Mayowa Tomori's latest 4Hour Project, "We're All Going To Die Soon"

I wrote this song after being inspired by Twilight, of all things…

It’s called “We’re All going To Die Soon,” but don’t be fooled by the gloomy title, it’s a really uplifting song.

Download it here.

Learn about the lyrics and my creative/story-telling process after the jump.

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Startup Weekend: Serve Creatively

Networking at Startup Weekend Indy


I pitched two ideas last night at Startup Weekend that made the final sixteen. The first was an augmented reality sexting app called Pants Party.

The second is servecreatively, a platform that helps creatively minded non-profits complete meaningful projects by connecting them to service-minded creatives.

To summarize my experience in a few words, “I thought it would be easier.” But nothing worthwhile ever came easy, did it? It’s been a challenging, exhilarating time so far. I’ve been lucky enough to be working with a talented and awesome team.

You can follow our team’s progress here: @servecreatively